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Trash Collection Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I swap out my new GFL cart?

                    Yes, we can handle that on your behalf over the phone. Here are the options:

    1. Swap 95-gallon trash cart for 65-gallon trash cart
    2. Remove trash cart and do not replace
    3. Remove recycle cart and do not replace

    [ To access the cart swap web page, click here: ]

  2. When will the cart swap happen?

    After July 1st

    Until then hold onto your Waste Management cart.

  3. Can I keep my Waste Management cart(s)?

    No, the Waste Management  carts need to be returned

  4. When will my Waste Management cart be removed?

    Please continue using your Waste Management carts until they are removed following your last collection day (June 24, 25, 28, 29, 30). Leave your carts at the curb following collection on your last service day. If your cart is not removed within 2-3 days, call 866.797.9018

  5. Did my trash or recycling collection/pick up day change?

    No, pick up day will stay the same

  6. Where should I put my trash and recycling?

    With the automated service, cart placement is extremely important to guarantee the trucks can access them for pickup on collection day. The mechanical arm on the trucks needs to have clear access to your cart(s) so proper cart placement ensures your cart(s) are not missed on collection day and it also helps reduce time each truck spends per collection. Trash and recycling carts need to be set three feet apart, and also three feet from other objects. Please place carts at the end of your driveway and not in the street.

  7. When can I put out my trash and recycling?

    Per city ordinance, you should not put out waste or recycling bins earlier than 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection day.

    All receptacles must be removed from such areas no later than 12 hours following the actual collection. Trash receptacles must be placed within a totally enclosed building or placed upon an area of the rear yard of the occupant’s property so as not to create a nuisance to surrounding residents.

  8. What time of day will my trash get picked up?

    We recommend all of our residents place their trash out the night before to make sure it doesn’t get missed. Though our service days should never change, pick up times could fluctuate from time to time to ensure that we are running our routes as efficient as possible.

  9. What do I do if my trash/recycling/yard waste is not picked up?

    Contact GFL at 844.464.3587. GFL will respond to your request as soon as possible

  10. A. When will recycling be picked up?

GFL will also be collecting recyclables at the same time.

Only the GFL provided recycling carts can be used for recycling. Please adhere to the guidelines printed on the top of the cart or call 844.464.3587 for more information.

B. When will Yard Waste be picked up?

Yard waste, including grass clippings, will also be collected for most, but not all, residents. Yard waste cannot be mixed with trash for disposal. Put yard waste into a paper yard waste sack or clearly marked container with handles, no more than 35 gallons in capacity and no heavier than 60 pounds.

Yard waste service runs from the first Monday in April through the second full week of December.

C. When will Bulk Items be picked up?

Household furniture, a mattress and box spring or a refrigerator are examples of bulk items that will be picked up at no additional cost. Call GFL at 844.464.3587 (7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday) with any questions.


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