Public Works Department

Can I have a separate meter for my outdoor water use?
Does DPS's Water and Sewer Division have a drop box location?
During what hours am I allowed to water my lawn and landscaping? Why are there outdoor watering restrictions?
High bill call; service order appointment to check read and check for leaks.
How are water and wastewater (sewer) rates set?
How can residents save money on their water/wastewater bill?
How do I apply for a road closure permit for an event in my neighborhood?
How do I report an inoperable street light?
I have discolored water. What should I do?
I’m selling my house. How do I request a final water bill and transfer water service?
My house has been empty. Why do I still receive charges on my water bill?
My neighbor's tree is extending into my yard. What can I do?
Recycling and Hazardous Waste information.
There are tree branches in the lines from the pole to my house or business. Who is responsible for this?
There are tree branches in the pole to pole power lines. Who should I report this to?
There is a hazardous tree in my neighbor's backyard in danger of falling.
There is damage to my basement from a sewer back up. How do I make a claim?
To whom do I report a malfunctioning traffic signal?
What is Maximum Day Demand and Peak Hour Demand?
What is the process of having a sidewalk/bikepath/boardwalk repaired?
What kind of water and wastewater projects are being undertaken by DWSD?
Where can I get information on potholes and how do I report a pothole that needs to be repaired?
Where can I get information on snow removal on Novi's streets and sidewalks?
Where can I report a diseased or overgrown city tree?
Where do I pay my water bill?
Who can clean the catch basin in the street that is full of debris?
Who do I contact about electric utility services?
Who do I contact about gas utility service?
Who do I contact about water quality issues?
Who do I contact about water supply or sewer issues?
Who fixes my water main when it breaks?
Why can’t rates be better managed to reduce fluctuations?
Why do rates increase?
Why do residents have to pay sewer charges on sprinkler water for their lawns?
Why does my water and sewer bill come from my community but the water comes from DWSD and the sewage treatment plant is from Oakland County Water Resources Commission (OCWRC)?
Why does Novi charge fees on top of what DWSD charges for water and sewer service?
Why don’t communities get the same wholesale water rate from Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept (DWSD)?

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