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How can residents save money on their water/wastewater bill?

Conserving and using water wisely is the best way to save money on your water and wastewater bills. Steps you can take to reduce your water usage include:

  • Water your lawn wisely – it only needs 0.5 to 1.5 inches of water per week (MSU Extension Turf Tips for Homeowners). Over- watering lawns results in shallow-rooted plants that are less tolerant of heat and drought, and more prone to disease.
  • Water your lawn during off-peak hours such as during the early morning or late afternoon (11:00pm to 5:00am is best).
  • Check for leaks and drips. Toilets are the most common source of leaks and can frequently be fixed with a new flapper. Dripping faucets can usually be repaired by simply replacing the rubber O-ring or washer inside the valve.
  • Replace your old toilet, the largest water user inside your home. If your home was built before 1992, chances are you would benefit from a newer, more efficient toilet.
  • Use rainwater to water your plants. Direct downspouts toward your plants and green areas or collect water with rain barrels for use later.
  • Make your lawn cheaper and easier to maintain by mowing high (three inches is recommended). Longer grass has deeper roots and requires less water.
  • Search the Internet for effective ways to conserve water. The water wiser site from the American Water Works Association is a great place to start with links to other sites.

For additional tips, please visit the City's Tips to Reduce Excessive Charges/Water Conservation page.

Updated 6/15/2015 1:50 PM
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