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What is Maximum Day Demand and Peak Hour Demand?

Maximum Day Demand represents the maximum volume of water used during a 24 hour period within a given year. Peak Hour Demand is the term used to identify maximum volume of water used within the City of Novi over a one-hour period during a given year. These two volume totals are used to calculate the water demand rates for the City of Novi. Each year these maximum demands are used to estimate the volume of water needed to supply water to the community. The rate for this water is then determined based on these calculations.

DWSD offers a lower rate to Communities who shift their peak hour usage into the non-peak hours of 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM. In an effort to reduce the City of Novi’s water rates, a local ordinance has been approved that requires the community to irrigate their lawn and landscaping during these non-peak hours on alternate days. The goal of this ordinance is to reduce the Maximum Day and the Peak Hour water demands of our water system. A violation of this ordinance is subject to a fines of up to $500 per incident.

Updated 6/15/2015 1:26 PM
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