Building/Zoning Department

Are inspectors available to help me if I have any questions about building in Novi?
Do my taxes pay for the Building Department?
Guide to Ordinance Enforcement Resources (who to contact regarding...)
How do I make a complaint about a mobile home park?
How long does it take to get a site plan approved?
I moved to the City of Novi and would like to review the set of building plans used for the construction of my house. Does Novi have blueprints on file and available for review?
Is Homeowner Association approval required to get a building permit for additions, decks, fences, garages or exterior alterations?
Is it necessary to meet with the Inspector for an inspection?
May I request a specific time of day for an inspection?
There is a foreclosed home in my area that is not being cared for. Where should I report this?
What are residential setback requirements? (Example: Adding a deck, Garage, etc.)
What are the setbacks on my property?
What building codes does the City of Novi enforce for building compliance?
What can I do if my builder does not meet my expectations?
What do the signs mean that say “Zoning Change Proposed”?
What is the site plan process?
What is the zoning on my property?
What new projects are planned for the City?
What requires a building permit?
What uses are permitted in my Zoning District?
When can I apply for a building permit?
When should I call for an inspection?
Where can I view the Novi City Code?
Where may I find meeting agendas and minutes for city council, boards, or commissions?

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